“Volunteers have always been a part of the Care for Wild family. It was volunteers who stood beside us when the very first rhinos arrived. We worked through the night caring for the new arrivals, building bomas and night pens and together we developed the sanctuary into the purpose-built facility that it is today. There is something incredibly humbling about working alongside people who so willingly and freely give their time and hearts to the rhino cause.”

Our volunteering programme has been running for over 18 years. The Care for Wild Africa’s volunteering programme is designed volunteering programme is designed to give volunteers a true understanding into the effects of the rhino poaching crisis, the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned calves, the rewilding and release process as well as the ongoing monitoring, protection and conservation of the rhino species and their ecosystem.

The volunteering programme is integrated into the daily running of the sanctuary and evolves over time as needs and requirements change. We operate a structured and timetabled programme that is designed to meet the needs of the rhinos under our care but please remember that Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is on call 24/7 so the programme may be altered at any given time.

volunteer with wildlife
volunteer with African wildlife

From hands on experience in milk preparation, bottle feeding, boma care and maintenance and behavioural observations, to educational lectures and discussions, Care for Wild Africa’s volunteer programme will give you a completely new insight into the world of rhino care, rehabilitation and conservation.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary operates a ‘hands off’ approach to caregiving. Our purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and rewild rhinos so that they can be released successfully back into their natural ecosystems. Volunteers are expected to adhere to strict rules and stringent health and safety polices.

You must be willing and able, no prior experience is necessary. International volunteers are welcome. A good level of fitness would be advisable. You may find you are challenged beyond your own expectations and discover things about yourself that you never knew you were capable of! Even if the days are sometimes long and the work is demanding, you will go to bed every night with your heart full, knowing that you have truly made a difference in the conservation of this iconic species.

volunteer with endangered species

We are so very proud of the number of volunteers who have become part of the Care for Wild family; placing rhinos in their hearts and leaving as conservation ambassadors.

Do you want to be part of something amazing? Volunteer with Care for Wild Africa and help support the care, rehabilitation and rewilding of orphaned rhinos whilst becoming part of an extraordinary conservation initiative to safeguard the future of the species.