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Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (UK) is committed to saving endangered species in Southern Africa, in particular the orphaned black and white rhino babies that are rescued and rehabilitated by Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC. We do this through donations, fundraising events and by publicising the plight of the rhino and other species pushed to the point of extinction by the barbaric poaching that takes place to satisfy the greed and ignorance of those that consume the resulting “products”.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (UK) is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and Wales, registered charity number: 1187193. Charitable donations and contributions to CFWRS (UK) can be claimed for tax relief, to the extent allowed by the law.

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Anna Gough

Head of Events

Anna has always had a love for animals, rescuing and nurturing injured birds from her garden and feeling at peace connected to nature and wildlife. This passion drove her to fundraise and share awareness of endangered species. As a volunteer at Care for Wild, she was able to experience the emotional and physical exertion of caring for rhinos first-hand, as well as understand the stories behind these beautiful and vulnerable orphans. Her experience changed Anna’s life and her passion now is to engage and inspire other people to fight for the survival and protection of this incredible species for future generations.


Bill Barber

Bill’s career background spans 30 years in the food and drinks industries but an introduction to Care for Wild in 2017 led him to becoming a volunteer and more recently, one of the founding trustees of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (UK). His experience and expertise in finance and legal matters add to the varied skillsets of our new but highly motivated team based in the UK.

David Lawrence

David holds an Engineering degree and a Diploma in Management Studies as well as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business, from Cambridge. David became passionate about wildlife conservation during several years working for Guinness in multiple African countries. He fell in love with the mission and vision of Care for Wild when he joined the volunteer programme. He is one of the founding trustees of Care for Wild UK and brings enthusiasm and passion to the new UK team.

Petronel Nieuwoudt

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Chris de Bruno Austin

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Anna Gough (Head of Events)