CFWRS has over the past year successfully established a large vegetable garden which has been providing fresh vegetables to the sanctuary’s kitchen, the kitchen supplies approximately 70 cooked meals daily to the CFWRS staff.

The garden also supplies vegetables to the interns of the YES programme who work within the sanctuary. Over the past year the garden has also been used to train several of the interns in all aspects of vegetable production. The long-term intention is to establish more of these gardens in the communities surrounding the sanctuary.

The first of the community-based gardens has been established within the Mandela Village community along the Noordkaap River. The garden covers an area of 0.60 ha. The community have created an entity to manage the garden which they have named the Sunrise Community.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary have funded the initial development of the Mandela Village vegetable garden. The funding received from CFWRS has been used to:

  • Fence off the garden to keep out wild animals;
  • A pipeline has been laid to pump water to the garden (the community supplied their own water pump);
  • A wooden tank stand was supplied and erected to carry two water storage tanks;
  • Enough dripper lines have been supplied; and
  • A wooden tool shed which will be used to store all the tools and fertilizers required to farm vegetables -these tools have already been purchased and delivered to the community.

The community cleared the area of vegetation and burnt the area in preparation for the tractor to plough the soil. CFWRS supplied the tractor that was used to disk and plough the whole garden.

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