Conservation Through Community Involvement

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary works directly with local communities creating environmental protection and sustainable solutions into youth and community development programmes that provide jobs, conservation training, educational opportunities, and, ultimately, the ability for local communities to diversify their livelihoods and secure a promising future for their communities.

The long-term sustainability of the reserve depends on the effective inclusion of local communities - on their full participation in the establishing, maintenance and protection of the reserve and on them deriving benefit from it.

Community Youth Employment

Care for Wild presently employs 330 young members of the local community. They are employed in partnership with Investec Bank through the Government ‘YES’ programme. They are employed as Field Rangers 80(Game Scouts) and Nature Reserve General Assistants (Conservation Workers). The teams of trained youth are working on eradicating alien invasive plants, repairing road infrastructure, maintaining fences, preparing the annual fire breaks and responding to wild Fires on the reserve and in the communities

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