VenusIn October 2014, Venus’ mother was poached in the Kruger National Park. She was about three months old when she arrived at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

When she arrived she had a very badly injured foot which was covered in maggots. The sole of her foot was almost completely rotten and an infection had spread up her leg. It is a miracle that veterinarians, Petronel and the team at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary were able to prevent any gangrene from setting in.

She had to wear a cast with dressings changed regularly, and it took many months for her foot to heal and be strong enough to walk on. The good news is that her foot is now completely healed.

Venus shared her enclosure and night pen with Manji during her recovery period, which created a bond, which leaves them, to this day, inseparable.

The two orphans are extremely protective of each other and are never seen wandering too far from one another. This type of bond is very important in their rehabilitation process.

They now share a bigger enclosure with a few other orphaned rhinos where they sleep and mud-bath together. During the day, Venus and the other rhinos are let out into a large open area where they are free to graze and enjoy the wilderness, in preparation for their future release.

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