Another rhino orphan was found by Edwin Pierce and his team in the northern part of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve on Arathusa Farm near the border of the Kruger National Park. She arrived on the 17th of November at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary after a long day of travelling.

She had been running in the bush for three days before the rangers found her. After she was darted by Dr Ferreira du Plessis, she ran and fell into thick mud near a waterhole. She was in good condition, but exhausted when she was found. She is still on drips and is slowly learning to take to the bottle.

As soon as we removed her blindfold, we would be able to put a suitable name to her face. Once she settled in, she was introduced to Zac, Jemu and Grey who become friends as they are all the same size.

On Thursday, the 24th November 2016, we moved the four baby orphans down to the big holding facility. Due to the severe drought, the condition of the babies were compromised even before their mothers’ death; they had no body reserves.

At first, we were worried about Spirit and we have since been monitoring them all, day and night. Together with this full-time monitoring, we are doing ground breaking research. We can happily report back that every day, all four orphaned baby rhinos are improving.

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