Satara came to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in November 2013 from the Nwanetsi area of the Kruger National Park. Her mother was poached. She was the first orphaned baby rhino to be rescued from the KNP. The previous policy was that the animals had to face their natural fate should their mother have suffered a mortal blow.

This was reversed due to the extreme loss of rhino in the park. It was also decided that poaching is not a “natural” occurrence, and as such, the baby rhinos need to be supported when this occurs.

Satara is one of the gentlest of all the rhinos at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. She was the only true baby rhino at that time and both the volunteers and permanent staff had time to lavish affection on her. Satara is extremely inquisitive. When she was introduced to a new enclosure, she went on a long walk, thoroughly examining everything about her new world.

Her best friend is Tank. They are always together. They used to share their sleeping quarters and enclosure with Robyn and Skylar. The four orphaned rhinos have bonded closely over the years. They have recently been released back into the wild and spend their days and nights grazing and sleeping on succulent green grass.

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