Odin came to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in September 2014. His mother had been poached in the Kruger National Park. He was approximately two years old.

Because black rhinos are highly endangered, the rangers wanted to make sure that Odin was safe. He was placed with other black rhinos in enclosures in the Kruger Park to be part of the black rhino program there, but he wasn’t doing well there, and it was decided to transfer him to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary instead.

He was given his own enclosure and spent most of the time sleeping. His condition soon improved; he began eating and becoming more active. He began to walk around, browsing on the branches that were placed in his enclosure.

Odin then enjoyed his “rhino lollies.” This is a delicious, yet healthy treat of glucose, denkavit and omega oil which is applied to lucern. This gave him added nutrients and a sense of pleasure, which promoted self-confidence, and trust in his carers. He soon realized that he was safe at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

Odin received a fellow black rhino as a friend named Marcules in February 2015. They bonded well with one another, despite black rhinos being solitary by nature. Odin shared his enclosure with Marcules for a while before both of them were released back into the wild.

Now, Odin, together with Marcules, enjoys browsing on the myriad of trees, which also provide shade in the heat of the day. We are so happy to see the successful release of our two black rhinos after their difficult rescue and rehabilitation process.


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