mehaMeha was a witness to the poaching of her mother in the Kruger National Park, south of the Phabeni gate. As a young rhino, she was confused, traumatized and did not leave her dead mother’s side.  She was alone and without milk for 72 hours.

When the Kruger National Park rangers found her, she was immediately put into a helicopter with head ranger, Don English, and flown to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. She arrived at the sanctuary in April 2016.

Like many of the calves that come in, Meha was dehydrated and in shock. Fortunately, she had no wounds, so once she was hydrated, it was relatively easy to start her rehabilitation process.

She started drinking her milk from a bottle and was introduced to her new friends, Venus and Manji. She shares a home with these young rhinos and the three are very close friends.

Meha is a feisty young orphaned rhino with a lot of energy. She is in very good spirits, and enjoys the freedom of the big enclosure, with access all day to the lovely green fields close by. She loves to lie side by side in the shade of the mango trees with Manji and Venus when the sun gets too hot.

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