Mabush was spotted by rangers in the Pretoriuskop region of the Kruger National Park while they were searching for poachers.

When the vets arrived on scene, they found Mabush had been at his mom’s carcass for two days and was so badly dehydrated that he had begun drinking fluid from his mother’s body.

The darting procedure went well with Mabush, although he still managed to run away before the blindfold could be applied properly. When the team managed to reapply the blindfold, they loaded Mabush into the helicopter and took him to the Pretoriuskop Airfield where the veterinary team assessed him and put him on drips.

Once he was stabilized, he was flown to the Nelspruit airfield where he was transferred to a Care for Wild vehicle and taken to the sanctuary. He arrived at Care for Wild on 29th August 2014 and the age of about 3 months.

He now eats, sleeps and plays together with his two best friends Tana and Wyntir. He has grown well and become a strong, young bull. He is the youngest of the trio but weighs approximately the same as bulls are generally bigger and heavier than females. He now weighs over 600 kg.

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