Lunar came to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in June 2011. She was born in February of that year. Her mother was killed by an elephant bull when she was approximately 4 months old.

Lunar has been with Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary the longest. She was not very healthy when she came in. She “died” three times on arrival and Petronel had to resuscitate her. Lunar is now a beautiful young adult rhino. Lunar weighs more than a ton, but she is a gentle giant.

Growing up, Lunar shared her enclosure with Storm. The two rhinos have an incredible bond. They have been together from almost the beginning and are surely soul-mates.

She also loves Petronel, remembering clearly, all the times when she was ill and Petronel was there for her at all times of the day and night.

Storm and Lunar have been released and roam freely in the wilderness with a few of the other rhinos that have also been released successfully.

Everyone hopes that Storm and Lunar will mate soon, bringing a baby rhino to the sanctuary, a baby that will be born free and live in safety beside its mother and father. This is the day that we all look forward to.

I want to help this Rhino