genesis orphan rhino



Estimated age on arrival

14 months

Date of admission

28 March 2019

Reason for admission

Orphaned – mother poached


Sophia, Milan and Sparkle

Current Status


Genesis’ Story

Genesis was flown to CFWRS on 29th March 2019. He comes from the Skukuza area of the Kruger National Park where his mother was killed four days previously. Estimated to be around 14 months old, Genesis was used to eating grass and grazing freely with his mother. After admission, Genesis spent the night in the ICU where he received intravenous fluids to combat his dehydration. Nearly fully weaned, Genesis was more interested in eating the teff and Lucerne offered to him and refused to take to the bottle.
Although a mature calf, Genesis would still have been receiving some milk from his mother and so staff began to offer him a milk ‘lolly’ rather than a bottle. The ‘lolly’ is made of exactly the same ingredients as his milk formula but instead of adding lots of water, we make a pasty mixture instead. The mixture can then be sandwiched on Lucerne and ingested very easily.
Genesis loved eating his ‘lollies’ and staff were soon able to add additional supplements and pellets to his tasty meals. On the 31st March, Genesis was introduced to fellow orphans Summer, Arthur, Sophia, Milan and Sparkle. While Genesis appears to enjoy his own company and can sometimes be found grazing alone, he always comes back to the crash. Perhaps a little shy to show affection too openly, staff have witnessed the close bonds between Genesis and the other orphans when they sleep cuddled together at night.
Genesis is growing quickly and is becoming a solid and confident young bull who really enjoys his food!

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