Forrest arrived at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in August of 2013. He was five months old. His mother was poached in the Sabie Sands Nature Park, which borders the Kruger National Park.

Forrest is known as “the sweet one” because he is so calm. Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary wanted to use him as a companion for a new rhino that had just been orphaned, but he was already deeply bonded with Timbi and Olive and couldn’t be separated from them. Instead, the rhino (now known as Hawk) was added to the group, which accepted him easily.

Forrest, Olive, Timbi and Hawk formed an inseparable bond, leading to the group being affectionately known as FOTH. The group has recently been released back into the wild where they remain closely bonded.

Forrest loves his freedom, and the wide open spaces where he gets to graze with his best friends.

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