Annies’s Story

Annie’s mother was poached, leaving the young calf alone and vulnerable. She was found by the Kruger National Park’s head ranger, Don English, and flown by helicopter to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in April 2015.

Unlike most of the rhino babies that arrive at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, Annie was in relatively good condition upon arrival. She easily took her bottle and began the process of rehabilitation.

She was introduced to the big enclosure, where she met many rhinos such as Tyson, River, Mabush, Wyntir and Tana, who were all slightly bigger and older than her.

Annie has since grown nicely and been weaned off milk completely. She now enjoys grazing freely in the camp where she finds plenty of green grass to eat and trees to sleep under. She is a gentle soul who is being treated with respect and love by all the other rhinos.

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