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Anchor (arriving in the circumstances in which he did and at such a young age, Anchor did not experience the level of trauma that many orphans suffer. From the beginning, he was incredibly stable and grounded…like an anchor. When cleaning his nightpen a few days later, a scrunched-up towel was removed. It depicted the image of an anchor and his name was set!)

Estimated age on arrival

4 Days

Date of admission

13 June 2020

Reason for admission

Orphaned – mother died from natural causes

Crash Friends

Yster, Cotton, Ranger, Tom and Fred (Yster is his best friend)

Current Status



Anchor’s Story

In the early morning of Saturday 13th June, we received a call from the Greater Kruger alerting us to a very tiny baby rhino. The 4-5 day old orphan was still with his Mom who had sadly passed away from natural causes. The on-site team were able to move the baby into the warmth of a vehicle where he was given ear plugs and a blindfold to reduce stress, as well as warm blankets and a drip to combat his dehydration. Petronel and Chris embarked on the journey to collect him and bring him back to the safety of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

Being less than one week old, he weighed only 63kg (138lbs) and still had his umbilical cord attached. Under the careful care and attention of Petronel and the CFW team, our newest rhino was monitored 24/7 in the Intensive Care Unit. He very quickly took to the bottle and absolutely loved his milk!

As he began to settle, we quickly began to see his beautiful personality and character. Despite being a teeny tiny rhino, he is well grounded, stable and solid in character. He is very sure of himself and confident in his approach and actions. He was given the name ‘Anchor’ as a reflection of this.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to David Notten and his family Mie, Mathilda, Patricia, Rex and Maverick for the swift rescue and recovery of little Anchor. David’s late Father, Bambi Notten, owned Notten’s Bush Camp and was a fierce lover and protector of wildlife. We will honour his memory and dedication to conservation by ensuring the protection and safety of little Anchor.

Just a couple of weeks after Anchor’s arrival, another orphan arrived at the sanctuary. His Mom had been killed by poachers in the KNP. Anchor was very curious about the new arrival. When Yster was settled we introduced the two young calves. At first, Anchor was quite unsure, having really only known his caregivers and his sheep companion for the first two weeks of his life. But slowly over the next few weeks, Anchor began to realise that he is a rhino and that the newest arrival into his world was also a rhino! Both Anchor and Yster worked hard to gain each other’s trust but once the friendship was formed, the two have been inseparable.

Anchor is now part of the youngest crash of new arrivals, and spends his time with Yster, Cotton, Ranger, Tom and Fred.


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