This month we have been facing new challenges, the global and local events related to the spread of COVID-19 continue to unfold at an alarming and overwhelming rate. During this pandemic, we at Care for Wild are still committed to our vision and purpose, helping every animal, injured or orphaned by the poaching crisis. The wellbeing of our staff, our communities, our rhinos, and all other animals continue to be our primary concern even during these economically challenging times.

We as a country have been in lockdown as of Thursday 26th of March 2020. Fortunately, CFWRS began to self-isolate and prepare for a potential lockdown following the President’s first address last week. From experience gained from our Quarantine area, many extensive hygiene measures are in place which conform with government regulations, minimizing the risk of the spread of infection. Our staff meets daily as a team to discuss developments to the ever-evolving situation, planning our day and addressing the challenges it brings. Our team caring for and protecting the rhinos during this time are supported with multivitamins, immune-boosting lemon tea, good food, and fun morale-building activities.

By the grace of God, our dedicated team will continue to care for and keep the rhinos safe. Please keep the team at CFWRS close in your thoughts and prayers. Our purpose is as always, To Save Rhino, To Save People, To Save Tomorrow.

Be safe, best regards

Petronel Nieuwoudt


Rhino Rescue Anniversaries

March marks five orphans’ rescueversaries! Satara (6 years), Tana (6 years), Tank (6 years), Twinkle (4 years) and Genesis (1 year). While Satara, Tana, Tank, and Twinkle have now all entered into the reintroduction phase, roaming freely in the Intensive Protection Zone, young Genesis is still in the rehabilitation phase. Arriving just under a year ago after poachers murdered his mother. Genesis never took to the bottle; instead, he continues to receive his milk in ‘lolly’ form (a milk mixture in a pasty consistency). Genesis is an independent boy, stoic and observant but he can’t help but join Sophia and Milan in a cuddle puddle every now and then!

At the time of their rescueversaries, we would like to say a very special thank you to Konica Minolta and TRAC N4 for sponsoring and supporting Satara, Tank, and Tana since their arrival at the sanctuary as tiny babies.

If anybody would like more information about supporting an orphan rhino such as Twinkle or Genesis, please email us on


Nyala Release

The nyalas housed in the bomas play an important role in the rehabilitation of the orphaned rhinos. Some of our orphans arrive at the sanctuary as young as two-three weeks old! They possibly have never met another animal before. The nyalas help relax the rhinos around other wildlife to make their future transition back into the veldt less stressful. Our nyala population has grown steadily over the years, and so we decided to expand their home by opening the gates so that they can roam freely around the bomas and volunteer village. They explore far into the veldt during the day before returning to their old home every night to sleep. It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.


With love and respect, we honour the memory and sacrifice of Lieutenant Colonel Leroy Bruwer

We mourn the tragic loss of a dear friend. Lieutenant Colonel Leroy Bruwer was a senior Hawks officer and the lead investigator in a number of high-profile, rhino poaching cases. He was shot and killed on his way to work on the 17th March. A fanatical nature lover, protector of innocents and upholder of the law. His death was untimely and unfair. Please keep his family and friends close in your hearts at this incredibly difficult time.


Community Children’s Soccer Team

The community soccer team has been so successful that they have inspired the younger members of the community to form their own team. We joined the children of the community aged between 4 to 9 years as they practiced with their coach. Filled with excitement at having guests to watch them train, the children talked animatedly about their wishes to have practice kits. Later that night we launched a social media campaign to fund the kits for the children and within minutes, your support came flooding in. Thank you! We are now able to fund kits for each of the children!

Updates to follow!

Glen Bolt donates 100 Macadamia Trees

Uncle Colin loves rhinos and loves Care for Wild. A retired gentleman, Uncle Colin has been supporting us over the years by recruiting the support of local businesses to aid in our latest projects. Uncle Colin recently introduced us to macadamia farmer Glen Bolt who made the incredibly generous donation of 100 macadamia trees to the Lomshiyo Community Project. The trees arrived at Care for Wild where they were offloaded and tended to until they could be planted at the Lomshiyo Project.

Thank you Glen Bolt and Uncle Colin!

You too can get involved! One tree only cost $10 and can be purchased via the community page of our website.


Working Hard at the Veggie Garden

We are ensuring that we tend to our veggie garden with a whole lot of love! The produce from the garden will help us feed our staff but more importantly will help us provide for our communities currently affected by the nationwide lockdown. Members of the community have no means of providing for their children and families during the pandemic. We will continue to be a beacon of hope for the vulnerable.


Meet Mascot Arthur – Die Voortrekkers!

Arthur’s story touched so many people. A story of courage, bravery, and hope after such loss, pain, and fear. Little Arthur is inspirational and so too is Mascot Arthur! Die Voortrekkers have been supporting Arthur and his friends for the last two years, even awarding Arthur with a badge of bravery! Now Mascot Arthur has a very important job to do! He is busy sharing Arthur’s story with young children and teaching them why it is so important that we protect this iconic keystone species.


Kids Safari TV – Peter Lamberti

Is it not all our responsibility to protect wildlife, each other and the world we live in? It’s true that we as adults are fighting every day for the survival of this amazing species but it is our children who will continue this mission to create a world of peace where humans respect wildlife and nature. Luca and Melua together with their filmmaker parents, Peter and Zaria Lamberti, visited CFW to film a tv show for children. Petronel and the team explain to Luca and Melua all about the poaching crisis, introduce some of the orphans and empower the duo with the knowledge of how children can help to save rhinos too.

Umsimbithi Mining Pty Ltd

Umsimbithi Mining donated an incredibly generous R150,000 to support the Lomshiyo Community Project. The donation has allowed us to continue with the set-up of our long-term commercial farming venture in partnership with the local Lomshiyo Community. The project aims to develop 100ha of Macadamia Nuts, Avocados, Citrus and vegetable production. The farming operations employ youth from the local community, at full capacity the farm will employ more than 40 young people. It will also offer training in agriculture to the community in the future. Thank you Umsimbithi Mining for your contribution to a sustainable

Blankets for Baby Rhinos

Blankets for Baby Rhinos have donated many beautiful handmade blankets as well as Protexin and Equilac, which has been an enormous help. This month Nita decided to shake things up a bit and put her talents to the test by skilfully crafting these incredible and stunning fabric rhinos. Squishy and very cuddly, they are too sweet! They are available to purchase when volunteering at the sanctuary. Thank you Blankets for Baby Rhinos for the Fabric rhinos and Protexin!


Ongoing Sponsorships of Individual Rhinos, Anti-Poaching, and Community Development Projects
Chemstrat Industrial, Swain Destinations, Valcora SARL, Sirius Motor Corporation, TRAC N4, Dietrich Benjamin, Spirit Wildlife Fund, Simone Lagrave, Intrinsic, Pepperl + Fuchs, Molly Young, PARCA Inc, James Millis Jnr, Panthera Africa Tours, Konica Minolta, Lorna Davies, SORAI, Sylvie Benatar, Black Wattle Bisichi Mining PLC, Investec Rhino Lifeline

March 2020 Donors

Sundarar Group, Chazelle Keller, Dirk Binneman, Andrea Lapsley, Kerriann Piccione, Ashley Durbin, Sonja Gliebe, Richard Oshen, Sophia Plaene, Jayne Wagner, Waldo van der Merwe, Moritz Buescher, Heath Ovens, Ted Leonard, Nathan Thomas, Danielle Paul, Helene Nel, Barbara Smolinski, Tyron Schuurink, Will Rice, Naomi Cody-sexton, Leana Denisova, Stephen Maxwell Jackson, Rene Nielsen, Jess Orkin, Thomas Savoie, Krystle Reiner, Cynthia Marin, Barbora Srubarova, Betsy Bowen, Ravi Raghavan, Noela Reyes, Natasha Dobbs, Alejandra Sanchez Orozco, John Wannenburg, Heath Ovens, Allison McArdle, Karen Tsui, Grace Rosie Fox-Clinch, Tania Oosthuizen, Este Badenhorst, Sharleen Thoma, Magriet Mouton, Marica Neethling Joubert, Jana Talley, Alexandra Klein

Wishlist Items

Alexandra Mattisson, Eurafrican & Donation Box Donors, Globeflight Nelspruit


UK Premiere of Channel 4’s ‘Work on the Wild Side’ set for May 2020

Early last year, UK television network Channel 4 commissioned a 20-part series produced by Waddell Media focusing on citizens of the UK who is part of conservation initiatives in Africa. Filming began at Care for Wild in the middle of last year and is now in a post-production phase. The series is due to premiere in May so stay tuned for more details!

Stay Positive

While our team continues their work here at the sanctuary we will be bringing you some daily doses of uplifting and inspirational posts to remind everyone that there are courage and bravery in all of us and above all, hope in the face of great adversity. Stay strong and stay positive!

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