February, the international month of love! What a perfect opportunity to spread a little more love in the world by sharing some good news and special rhino moments. We would love to thank all of you wonderful people for enabling us to continue to work towards our mission through your sponsorships, donations, willing hands, words of support, creative ideas and ultimately, a unified love for wildlife!

A huge thank you to all our staff for devoting their lives to our cause.


Rhino Rescue Anniversaries

February saw the rescueversaries of Summer (2 years), Lofo (4 years), Lazuli (1 year), Marcules (5 years) and Busiso (3 years). Both Lofo and Lazuli suffered horrendous injuries.  We will never forget the devastating circumstances in which these five rhinos became orphans, but we will also be thankful for the people and teams in place who were able to rescue and recover them.

It is continuously humbling and inspirational to see these babies overcome such trauma, pain and loss only to grow into peaceful and gentle giants. The endurance and bravery of every injured and frightened orphan who arrives at our doors will never cease to amaze us.

Lazuli, Mayar and Sophia’s Rescuers visit

Head Ranger Bruce Hedges from the Mala Mala Game Reserve was instrumental in the rescuing of two orphaned rhino calves. In February last year, little Lazuli arrived at the Sanctuary severely injured by hyenas, he was lucky to have survived. Only four months later while on patrol, Bruce discovered another orphan, little Mayar who was distressed and severely dehydrated.

In the Kruger National Park, Greg Bond came across the body of Sophia’s mom and lying beside her was her tiny calf, half-eaten, he was uncertain whether Sophia would survive the trauma.

For many people involved in the rescue of the orphans, the last image they have is of an injured, traumatised and frightened calf. Visiting the calves at the Sanctuary, seeing them happy, healthy, safe and settled is so important, this is our way of saying thank you for committing to saving these calves during their greatest time of need.


Growing Up Fast! Jack and Clawdy Update

Last month, two leopard cubs were confiscated by law enforcement officials from a community premises in Mpumalanga. These cubs are growing fast, their balance and stealth have improved dramatically, and they practice stalking each other at every opportunity! To give them the best chance of rewilding, the cubs have been weaned from their bottles and now have their milk and food in dishes to minimise human contact. Later this year they will join a reintroduction and release programme.

A Feathered Patient

Mica Nelspruit received a Spotted Eagle Owl which was taken to West Acres Animal Hospital for a medical examination, later the owl was brought to us for assessment and rehabilitation. After a few days of care and good food, we were able to release him back into the nature reserve.

Rock Pythons

Our community awareness programmes bearing fruit within the Communities; an example has been the recent spate of rock pythons catching the community’s chickens. Previously, the communities would have killed the pythons as retribution for eating their chickens. Care for Wild has been called for assistance in catching and removing the rock pythons; the pythons have all been successfully caught and released into the nature reserve.


Snake Catching and Handling Training

Our APU staff works day and night in an environment which brings them into regular contact with snakes, some being venomous. Care for Wild embarked upon a program with Chris Hobkirk from Lowveld Venom Suppliers to train all the members of the Anti-Poaching unit and  Rhino Caretaker staff in the art of safely catching and handling snakes; with new skills learned our team work more confidently and safely around our slithery friends in the bush.

Basic First Aid Training

Continuous training is an important part of developing our staff’s skills and confidence. Our APU members and Rhino Caretaking staff attended a basic first aid course which will be useful at the Sanctuary and at home since many of our staff live in rural communities. It is great that the training we provide to our staff directly benefits the well being of our local communities.

Rhino Monitors, K9 and Mounted Unit Training Hard

Train hard and fight easy is our Anti-poaching units’ moto; continual training is an integral element to accomplish this. Our K9 unit has been training hard, as well as our Mounted Unit who has been busy this month on patrol and reconnaissance missions in preparation for the expansion of the IPZ.

Pepperl+Fuchs Technology for Conservation

Long-time supporters of Care for Wild and sponsors of released rhino OZ are working in partnership with us to integrate new technology for anti-poaching and monitoring strategies. We have rolled out four industrial-strength tablets for field use and data collection.


Rhinos United FC Play to Win

We live and work hand in hand with our local communities, operating together to protect the rhinos and the reserve. The community soccer team was established recently to empower and engage young people in conservation but also to provide a safe environment in which the values of sportsmanship can be enjoyed and explored. This past weekend saw Rhino United FC host and play in a four-team tournament, the first of its kind in the community. Thank you to Baby Rhino Rescue, Ferdie Terblanche and Standard Bank for supporting this initiative.

Too Hot for Veggies

A big thank you to Sakpro for their kind donation of shade netting to protect a section of newly planted seedlings and ripening fruits and vegetables of our veggie garden. Our harvest was beginning to suffer under the intense blaze of the African sun, but now there is blissful shade in which to flourish!

First Trees Planted at Lomshiyo Community Project

The first Macadamia orchard has been planted with 700 trees in the ground. We were blessed with good rain in the month of February that makes the watering of the orchard much easier. We are still in need of sponsors to continue growing the Care for Wild Community farming initiative. This project puts CFW in the right direction to achieve financial sustainability as well as empowering the community through job creation and income generation. CFW achieved level 1 B-BBEE Socio-Economic status through community initiatives such as the Lomshiyo Community Project, funders of such initiatives are able to qualify for Socio-Economic Development Contributions, please feel free to contact us should you wish to become involved.



Rhino Lab

Petronel and Chris recently attended the Annual Rhino Best Practices Sharing Workshop. Sharing information, knowledge and experience allow us to troubleshoot and streamline the processes involved. Biodiversity and conservation, responsive legislation, enforcement-antipoaching, demand management, community engagement and biological management were just some of the topics discussed.


It’s always wonderful to meet our supporters in person. This month we were visited by some old friends and made some new long-term friendships too.

Baby Rhino Rescue and Family

BRR have long been friends and supporters of Care for Wild; during their visit to take photos for their next fundraising activities, Cecile brought Kelly, Chris and Audrey Weatherman  her palong. What a privilege to meet such wonderful people, who even helped clean the bomas and assist with making milk during their brief stay.

Feeding the People Caring for the Rhinos

A huge thank you to Eurafrican Appliances for their support and the donation of a gas stove. Care for Wild prepares more than 150 meals off the grid every day, so this is a vital piece of equipment and is greatly appreciated.

Famke Janssen Actress, model, director, screenwriter and animal rights advocate

Famke is probably best known for her roles in James Bond: GoldenEye, the Taken trilogy and the X-Men series of films, she is also an animal lover and humanitarian. We were thrilled to welcome Famke to Care for Wild this month to explain the harsh realities of the poaching crisis as well as our commitment to saving rhinos. Famke was very moved by the plight of the rhino and in wanting to do more to help, she is becoming a true Care for Wild ambassador.

Kevin Pieterson, SORAI and Hublot

We first met Kevin during the filming of Nat Geo’s ‘Save This Rhino’ documentary nearly two years ago. Kevin has been supporting anti-poaching initiatives for some years, but his heart was captured by little Arthur’s story and the work of Care for Wild. Kevin has teamed up with Swiss jewellers and watchmakers, Hublot and will be supporting Care for Wild through his rhino brand, SORAI. We look forward to a fruitful relationship, KP what a legend!






Maria Nila Stockholm

Maria Nila raised over R700,000.00 and donated it to Care for Wild, the donation was facilitated by the Perfect World Foundation. Thank you to this fabulous group of people, raising money and awareness for the rhinos. This month the Maria Nila team returned to film a small documentary that will help more people to learn about the vitally important work occurring here at the Sanctuary. We are excited for a future where we can grow together.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Reproduction and the Pitter Patter of Baby Rhino Feet

Christina Rogers and Randy Rieches of San Diego Zoo Safari Park visited us this month, as we look to reach out to other organisations who have successful breeding programmes for rhinos. Many interesting discussions took place as we shared knowledge and experience, working together to save this iconic keystone species from extinction.

Sylvie Benatar – An Arthur Love Story

Sylvie was so moved when she saw little Arthur the Brave’s story on social media that she decided she wanted to help by sponsoring him. Little Arthur had such horrific wounds, but his soul remained full of light and joy, an inspiration to so many of us. We finally had the opportunity to meet Sylvie in person when she visited us recently, and for the first time, Sylvie was able to see for herself just how far little Arthur has come.


Ongoing sponsorships of individual Rhinos, Anti-Poaching, and Community Development projects

Chemstrat Industrial, Swain Destinations, Valcora SARL, Sirius Motor Corporation, TRAC N4, Dietrich Benjamin, Spirit Wildlife Fund, Simone Lagrave, Intrinsic, Pepperl + Fuchs, Molly Young, PARCA Inc, James Millis Jnr, Panthera Africa Tours, Konica Minolta, Lorna Davies, SORAI, Sylvie Benatar, Black Wattle Bisichi Mining PLC

February 2020 Donors

Raising Rhino Rands & Supporters, Sundarar Group, Chazelle Keller, Anne Smyth, Don Mike, M Stroh, Ramsey Rotary Club, Radio Laeveld, Dirk Binneman, The Perfect World Foundation, Maria Nila, Facebook Fundraiser Donors, Rhino Grocery Market

Wishlist Items

Alexandra Mattisson, Eurafrican & Donation Box Donors, Sakpro


Care For Wild Golf day and Gala dinner on the 23rd of April in London

We want to thank Anna and Darren Gough for their fantastic work in arranging the upcoming fundraiser in London. We look forward to an excellent golf day and dinner on the 23rd of April. This would not have been possible without their support and hard work.

We are excited to see what the future holds working together to save rhinos, to save people, to save tomorrow.

For event bookings please email Anna Gough (anna@careforwild.org.uk)


UK Premiere of Channel 4’s ‘Work on the Wild Side’ set for May 2020

Early last year, UK television network Channel 4 commissioned a 20-part series produced by Waddell Media focusing on citizens of the UK who is part of conservation initiatives in Africa. Filming began at Care for Wild in the middle of last year and is now in a post-production phase. The series is due to premiere in May so stay tuned for more details!


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